I know I had other toys when I was a little girl but only a few stand out to me. One of them being a swing set. It’s one of those things I knew I wanted my daughter to have as she grows up too.

We had just moved into our house and her birthday was coming up in a couple of months so we decided it was time to add a play set to the yard. I started to look around online and the price of those things shocked me! We wanted it to be made well and be big enough to last her at least 8-10 years. One of the ones I had my eye on cost about $1400! Man, that’s just a lot of money. I did the calculations on how much it would cost to build one. Wood is pretty expensive too. Then, you have to pay for the slide, swings and accessories. Still too much. I turned to my friend, Craigslist. I found a few that were cheap but they were falling apart. Finally one day my search turned up this one for $200.

It was only missing one of the swings. The bottom of the legs had some rot but other than that the structure was good. We had to disassemble it to get it home anyway so replacing a few pieces while we had it apart was no biggie. We ended up spending about $80 on replacing all eight of the 4×4 posts.

After replacing the legs, we pressure washed it and it was ready to paint! I decided to go with dark gray for the roof and any part of the play set that my daughter’s feet would be climbing on. I went to the paint store and picked up some samples and let her pick out the colors. She still didn’t know what it was for since the play set was in pieces. It kind of looked like we were building a deck. 🙂 She chose her favorite color, yellow, and a turquoise color. We used 2 gallons of yellow paint, a gallon of gray and 4 cans of spray paint. We spray painted the steel beam, the “rocks” on the climbing wall, the swing and trapeze bar. The only thing I didn’t paint was the slide. Our total paint cost was a little over $100 with a grand total of less than $400. I’ll take that $1000 savings! Her aunt and uncle added a disk swing and a ship’s wheel for her birthday!

I love how it turned out! She loves playing on it!

Have you tried painting any outdoor toys to make them look new again?