I have been missing in action for several months now. I had a long list of projects I was working on and planned on writing about them to share but my attention and energy has been diverted. We found out we are expecting another little girl. I was in the middle of building a greenhouse when we got the news so hauling blocks and bricks across the yard had to be put on hold. We’ve been working on a nursery and updating our bathroom instead. Hopefully it will be finished soon. I have used all of my limited energy taking care of Audrey and working on the projects that need to be finished before Taylor comes. And lately nesting… lots of nesting. I haven’t had any time or energy leftover to write about any of the things we’ve been working on. Plus, pregnancy brain is a REAL thing!

Photo below:

Me, 3 weeks pregnant building a greenhouse foundation.

IMG_1642 (1).jpg

So this post is a little different but I hope it helps someone.

We’ve been asked the same question over and over lately. We’ve asked ourselves the same question when it’s just the two of us and we’re honest. “Are we really ready to go from one child to two?” As we breathed our first sigh of relief and enjoyed our first moment of quiet in the whole day at 8:30 last night (by that I mean bedtime.) We remembered how hard it was in the early days when Audrey didn’t sleep. Having the moment of quiet at 8:30 at night will soon become a thing of the past. We know this. We didn’t forget the sleepless nights when we decided to expand our family. I remember the pain of child birth. We walked into it blindly the first time but we made the decision to have another baby knowing how hard it would be.

I know the noise level will double. The mess will double. The laundry will double. I’m not oblivious to any of those things. It is hard work! Bringing home a new baby is scary! I have a greater fear than all of that though. Promise not to tell anyone???

It’s the empty house. When it’s finally quiet. When the laundry is all done. When I can fold the wash cloths perfectly because I don’t have tiny hands wanting to help. When I can go to the bathroom without tripping over the step stool in front of the sink. When the clutter of toys are gone. When I don’t own a snot sucker. When there are no fingerprints on my windows or appliances. When there are no crumbs under the table and chairs. When my makeup and chap-stick don’t disappear. When I can remove all of the child safety latches from my cabinets. When I can ditch the minivan for a cool car. When I don’t hear “Mama” 10,000 times a day. I DREAD it. A quiet, clean house is so much scarier to me than bringing home a new baby!

So the answer to that question is YES! I am ready to meet my new daughter! I’m ready to see Audrey meet her sister for the first time! I’m even ready for those middle of the night feedings and snuggles. This time around I know how quickly those moments fly by. Motherhood is hard but I love it. I want my girls to know I cherish these moments with them and wouldn’t trade them for the world!